June 3, 2008

They DO grow here!

A little research last night has led me to believe that I will get grapes to grow here. There are several varieties that are adaptable to a Zone 3 growing area, which is where I exist. Minnesota and other northern universities have also been working on developing varieties that can create a respectable wine. It seems that my biggest problem will be getting the fruit to ripen before frost hits. Oh, and alkaline soils, drought, high heat, disease, pests, deer, lack of quality water, etc. may rear their ugly head. But we shall move on, undaunted!

Other people seem to have had this same dream. Rist Canyon Vineyards consists of this guy on the Colorado Front Range who has begun experimentation with different varieties of grapes and the use of sodium alginate to prevent early bloom. This is interesting to me and he may be worth checking out. Wish I had money to start my own private "research vineyard." Someday. Someday.

I'll also attempt to try other fruit varietals with other species. Chokecherry, buffaloberry, plum and raspberry all seem to do respectably well around here. And I've never heard of pumpkin wine until this past week. That sounds yummy.

So much to do, so many questions. The quest continues.